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Our Mission

3Vikings follows 3 simple connected principles, Raid, Feast and Protect.


Raid represents Movement. Feast represents good Nutrition and Protect represents Mental Health and good Sleep.


Together they form the 3Vikings holistic approach to wellbeing that supports people of all fitness and skill levels to thrive in health, fitness and life. 

raid, feast, protect


Raid symbolises more than exercise, it is building a strong foundation based on mobility, strength and flexibility. 3Vikings combine proven training methods 

that include human bodyweight movements, resistance training for strength, and knowledge from international level athletics training. We seek to understand the needs and capabilities of our members to develop effective and sustainable training.


At 3Vikings we prefer to keep nutrition simple and stick to the 80/20 rule. That means to eat healthily 80% of the time. Try to eat what Is in season because it is fresh and has more nutritional value. Say no to refined sugars and sugary drinks. Eat a large variety of fruits and vegetables - the more colour the better. Fish, avocado and good oils should be in your menu. Reduce saturated fat intake and think about how much red meat you actually need as it rapidly ages the body after 35. The Viking diet was mainly fish, beans and barley and they were the gladiators of the sea!


It is very important to protect our mental health of the negative impacts and pressure we face every day. Combination of exercising and being outdoors is scientifically proven to increase mental wellbeing. A healthy mind is supported by a good night sleep and if you exercise (raid) and eat well (feast) you sleep better. Reducing the amount of blue light from LED’s, TV’s, Phones and Computer screens an hour or two before bed will also help with sleep. Protect is also about developing a growth mindset and building resilience to better cope with challenges and stress.

Our team

Our coaches train others as they would themselves, they are mindful of the changing dynamics of the individual and constantly seek to tune training methods for sustainable fitness empowerment. 


Founder, Chief Wellness Officer

Ingrid followed her parents footsteps and competed internationally in athletics, representing Estonia in single events and heptathlon. Ingrid is a direct descendant of the Eastern Vikings, one of the most successful viking settlements located on the Islands Saareema and Muhu off the coast of Estonia. Ingrid loves her husbands cooking and is the proud mum of two rowdy viking boys.


  • Qualified Sports and Fitness Coach

  • Sports Management and Events

  • Human nature and wellbeing


I'm always happy to see improvements in people when they learn better technique - no matter what their level of fitness. 


Director of Fun and Longevity

David is a Level 3 Athletics Australia coach and Australian Track and Field Coaches Association specialising in sprints, middle distance and hurdles and is a member of the High Performance West Scholar programme and Melbourne Athletic Development. As a youth athlete David represented Welsh schools in the 400metres and 400metre hurdles and continues to compete as a masters and pro-running athlete in the long sprint events under the guidance of four-time Olympian Jeffrey RIseley. David coaches juniors, para and masters athletes in the inner north of Melbourne with Coburg Little Athletics and Coburg Harriers. 

  • Athletics performance training

  • Resilience training

  • Human longevity 

  • Actor and Writer living in Aireys


Coaches are fully insured and have valid WWCC

Medical kits are available at every location

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