At 3 Vikings we apply expertise gained from international level athletics to create dynamic tailored programming for individuals, small groups, and organisations. We care about every members unique needs and growth. We have a training format to suit your fitness stage and goals. 


small group training

Personalised coaching for small Viking groups of 2 to 9 people.


Bring along your accountability partner and create long lasting positive change. Small group training is motivating as everyone knows they are in it together. Training is personalised to the groups capability and fitness level whilst still enabling individual goals. Form a Viking group with friends or be matched to a similar level team to help you bring out your best.


personalised coaching

Personalised coaching to awaken your inner viking!

One on one coaching for a highly personalised training experience. We take a practical and honest approach to understand where you are in your fitness journey. Once we understand strengths and weaknesses we layer on training professionally to prevent injury and build a strong and flexible foundation so that you can reach your goals over time. Get in touch for a chat and try your first session for half price.


competitive Athletes Training 

Coaching for teams and individuals to be on top of the game.

Representing Estonia in Athletics, Ingrid now shares techniques and wisdom gained from international level competition to help you be the best you can in both individual and team sports.

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Coaching for businesses

Specialist coaching and training for organisations and businesses of all size.


3 Vikings members have remarked that our coaching gave them resilience and self efficacy so that they remained positive during the pandemic. Our holistic coaching approach enhances team values and performance. Training outdoors also aids mental health (lockdown recovery) and builds resilience. 


with small steps every day

you shall soon climb a mountain