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train like a viking

Vikings did not train for battle, they were battle fit everyday through the way they lived.

At 3Vikings we believe everyday choices accumulate over time to be who you are now and who you want to be.


An old Estonian saying, 'Terves kehas terve vaim' which translates 'Within a healthy body you have a healthy mind'. 

holistic coaching

At 3 Vikings we apply expertise gained from international level athletics to create dynamic tailored programming for individuals, small groups, and organisations. We care about every members unique needs and growth.


Small Group Training

Personalised coaching for small Viking groups of 2 to 9 people. 

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Personalised coaching

Personalised coaching to awaken your inner Viking!

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competitive Athletes

Coaching for teams and individuals to be on top of the game. 

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Coaching for businesses

Specialist coaching and training for organisations.

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nature recharge retreats

Contact 3 Vikings to enquire about our Nature Recharge Retreat packages for your team or organisation. Our program is designed to help individuals and teams recover from the challenges caused by the Pandemic.

Training in nature has scientifically proven physical and mental health benefits.


We provide day trips with mixed training, guided bush trails, group training and team building, remote working options, overnight stays and other accommodation options, conference facilities and full catering of local seasonal healthy food available.

Morning Mist over Forest




For me, the team at 3 Vikings have highlighted the connection between strength in mind, spirit and body. The positive benefits of training with them carries on long after a session as their approach to training builds positive mindset. They have the perfect balance of challenging and pushing me to achieve beyond what I thought was possible whilst keeping it fun and enjoyable.

vikings in action!

OUR locations

Our Headquarters are located in 'Inner North' of Melbourne, but being Vikings we like to travel and train at several locations and athletics track around Melbourne. 

stay in touch

Contact us for a chat about your goals or any questions you may have, anytime.

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